Which Japanese Whisky Fits Your Personality Type?

We, modern humans are usually made up of some kind of combination of the base six personalities, sometimes one is overpowering, sometimes two or more share the top spot. There is no recipe for our mind set but it is fun to think of it as a wonderful bottle of whisky. These are our observations based on the six base personalities and tasting notes, character and history of these Japanese whiskies. Which ones do you relate to?

Yamazaki 12 – Realistic


Yamazaki 12 years old is pure gold color with peach and candied orange on the nose and coconut and cranberry on the palate with sweet ginger cinnamon finish. This easygoing single malt whisky corresponds to practical and realistic nature, working with your hands, with animals or tools, a person who likes to get things done and enjoys the feeling of fulfillment.

Hibiki 12 – Social


Hibiki 12 years old is shiny amber color with pineapple and honey on the nose and banana and pomegranate on the palate, the finish is sweet and complex. This friendly light blended whisky corresponds to helpful and trustworthy nature, teaching or nursing, being social and friendly, giving to the world around you without reservations.

Taketsuru Pure Malt – Investigative


The Pure Malt is deep amber color, with maple syrup aromas on the nose and toasted cinnamon and baked pear on the palate, the finish is dry and softly nutty. This thinking single malt whisky corresponds to the intellectual problem solver who is precise and scientific and likes a math challenge.

Nikka Coffey Grain – Conventional


The Nikka Coffey Grain is pale straw color with candied apple nose, and vanilla and honeyed peaches on the palate, the finish is fruity and summary. This well structured whiskey corresponds to an organized personality, busy to put order to the chaos of numbers, making plans and seeing them through, constructing spreadsheets for everything tangible, values success and avoids procrastination.

Chichibu The First – Artistic


Chichibu The First is pale gold color, made by an artist experimenter, with apricot and apple pie on the nose, silky banana jam and melon on the palate, the finish is dry for this young work of art. Like the history and tasting notes of this malt, the corresponding personality here is creative and expressive, prefers the original unique things and is independent thinker.

Hakushu 12 – Enterprising


Hakushu 12 years old is champagne gold color, with pine needle and green apple on the nose, and sweet pear and mint on the palate, the finish is green with subtle smoke notes. This refreshing and extroverted malt corresponds to the seller and persuader, who leads people, values political successes, is energetic, ambitious and highly sociable.

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