Super Easy DIY Matcha Tofu Ice Cream


Looking for ways to save calories this summer? Try this recipe for a super easy, quick, and healthy dessert that everyone will like!

All you need is 2 main ingredients + some open mindedness and a fun spirit.


Ingredients : Tofu (hard type) and green tea powder. That's it!

Step 1: in a ziploc, put tofu inside, leave the bag open, and pinch or smash tofu from outside till it becomes mushy.

Step 2: add green tea powder and some sugar.


Step 3: When green tea dissolves and thoroughly mixes with tofu, close the bag and put it in the freezer to harden.

Step 4: Wait 1-2 hours, pinch and smash tofu again till it crumbles up into small pieces.

Step 5: When it's done, serve in a bowl and enjoy the new type of ice cream!


You can also enjoy the flavors by mixing fruits like bananas and berries or by topping it with some jam or drizzling chocolate sauce.

If you're open to new things, tofu icecream may become your thing this summer!

Here's the extra recipe for different variations!

Ingredients: extra soft tofu - 3.5 oz / heavy cream - about half a cup / 1 egg white / sugar(or honey) - 3 table spoon

①Add 1 table spoon sugar to egg white and whisk well to make into meringue.
②Add 1 table spoon sugar to heavy cream and beat into whipped cream.
③Add 1 table spoon sugar into tofu and mix till it becomes smooth
④Mix all three ingredients above, chill for a bit, and enjoy!

Happy Ice creaming :)