Toshiba’s Indoor Farm Salad

Toshiba, spelled out as "East" and "Turf Grass" in Japanese(東芝), is now literally growing edible grass indoor.

Known as the former semi-conductor factory, Toshiba's Yokosuka factory in Kanagawa Province now turned into an indoor organic farm. The 21,194 square foot indoor farm produces green vegetables including baby leaf, Japanese mustard green (mizuna), herbs, baby leaf greens, and spinach.

The Project known as "One Week Salad" was launched to market Toshiba's latest technology for Clean Room Farm, or bacteria-free organic salad in a clean sealed container that lasts nearly a week in your fridge.

With the freshness as a concept, the smoothie containers were used to emphasize the concept with a label with a "best by date" sticker inside with a hidden "quote of the day" messages.

Using the long-wave fluorescent light and its original temperature system with a certain humidity levels with a sanitizing system, Toshiba is able to produce organic, germ or bacteria free salad all year round.

During the 31 day-long campaign, the packages used different colors with the different numbered labels showing the relevant shelf date, and each package also came with a different salad seasonings inside.

To read Toshiba's press release, check the link below!


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