Sandwich Magnetic Jewelry : Proef

Magnets are great for holding postcards on your fridge, but ever thought of wearing them as accessories?

Proef is a Japanese Jewelry and accessories brand that came up with magnetic necklaces by sandwiching clothes with magnet and stainless steel plate.

These magnet accessories ,called PAS, are available in earrings and necklaces and they sell for 2700yen(about $27 USD) for earrings and 3500 yen (about $35 USD) for the necklaces.

With the brand concept to "look at the world from a different angle," they have come up with product lines that are futuristic, modern, and edgy designs.

Besides these accessories, they also have a line for tights and stockings, called FLOCKY, LINES, PAINTING, and TONE. These "decorated" or "tattoo" stockings can be worn with your dress or any other occasions.

With these tights and stockings, your legs will get a lot of attentions!

For more information on Proef, click the link below!