Organic Chocolate “Raw” Soap from Kyoto

Give a box of raw chocolate..soap!

Made by a soap shop in Kyoto, these organic chocolate "raw" soap bars can be your delicious "food" for your skin.

Just like the raw food, the soap is also made with low heat, so that the ingredients like soy milk's rich nutrients are not vaporized and are rather contained in the finished products.

It actually takes 2 months for these bars of soaps to be produced!

These soap bars will remove the dirt and excessive oil from your skin while nurturing your skin with minerals and other nutrients from the natural ingredients.

The natural ingredients of the chocolate soap include oilve oil, water, macadamia nuts, palm oil, palm kernel oil, cacao oil, cacao seeds, vanilla fruit extract, and charcoal.

Besides the chocolate soap, there are many other kinds of soap made by the same soap shop, using traditional Japanese ingredients such as yuzu, black beans, soy powder, and soy milk.



Soap is available in 2 different sizes.
0.70 oz is sold for 500 yen and 1.41 oz is for 900 yen.

To learn more, contact or go to the link below!