Make Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes!

Looking for creative Thanksgiving dessert recipes?

This cupcake decoration recipe from Japan will turn you dessert time into a fun decoration time and a photo session capturing cute little turkeys on your cupcakes!

- Decoration Recipe -

Ingredients (per a cup):

Cupcake with icing or creme on top
2-3 Pretzels (wings)
1 Nutter butter (face)
2 Black M&M mini (eyes)
1 Cashew nuts (mouth)
1 Trolli gummy worms
Some white icing for glue


1. Making Turkey’s face: use the icing to make the glue for eyes and mouth on Nutter butter cookies. Put the black mini M&M for eyes and cashew nuts and cut trolli gummy warms for mouth.
2. On a already made cupcake with icing, put the pretzels as wings.
3. Put the face on top of the icing and you have turkey cupcake and ENJOY!


If you don't have Nutter butter cookies, use pepperidge farm Milano cookies for substitution. If there is no mini M&M's, use black icings for eyes. No cashew nuts? Use mini M&M yellow as substitution!

More tips:
It's even better if you make it with your kids, friends, family, and even with guests! Try it for this Thanksgiving!