Interactive Toy App for Kids – Danbokko Kitchen

Are you kids spending too much time on digital devices?

Danbokko Kitchen is a cardboard toy played with a smartphone app. The interactive audio visual app will let the kids to explore and experience live cooking while playing with a traditional, or tangible toys.

From stewing, boiling, frying, to cutting, the iPhone app will make kids to explore the actual cooking experience. By interacting with the cardboard tools, it is safer and much more stimulating to the kids, than scrolling and flipping the screens on smart phone devices.

This interactive app also feeds the real-life cooking experiences, so the kids can actually learn cooking. When shaking or tilting the pans, the vegetables and other ingredients will also shake and tilt in the screen.

If you place the smartphone on the cutting board piece, it'll also let kids cut the ingredients on the screen.

Careful not to leave the food too long in the pan, because it can also burn!

The app will be released in April from the app store.