“Make Your Own” Fondue Slippers from Japan

Got some cheesy socks? Now you can make your own pair of slippers with Fondue Slippers by dipping your feet in (well..) some plastic liquid!

Satsuki Ohata is a Japanese designer who came up with the idea to dip your feet into a liquid to make your own customized slippers. With a great knowledge on the material, or liquid plastic known as polyvinyl chloride (PV), his idea came to realization.

The production of this fondue slippers are also made very easy and fun. Just dip your your feet in the PVC liquid, and then blow dry them till the materials hardens. When it's done, you're all set to go anywhere you want!

This lightweight and durable shoes provide bear-foot comfort and are great for many purposes, from hanging out indoor, making a quick run to stores, walking dogs, to relaxing in outdoors when you go camping, etc.

This water proof materials are also super easy to clean, so you can just wash the dirt off with water when you come back from outside, and wear them indoor too! If you want, you can also take a sharpie and make some interesting drawings or patterns to make it really your own and just have fun.

These slippers can also be worn with heals down to use as actual slippers indoor. If you want more support in the heals, they can stay up to provide more comfort outdoor. Colors are available from 6 choices.

Want a pair? Click below for more information to contact the producer directly or email us at info@jinjour.com!