Customizable Glasses

SCREW it! Don't use screws on these glasses.

Instead, go magically magnetic! These magnetic glasses will make your life much easier and fun. Now you can remove the temples easily and make a customized look by using temple parts with different styles and colors.

Not only you can customize your looks, by making hinges magnetic, it also makes the frames sturdy and flexible.

The temples get released easily by pulling them from the side, and 0.8mm thin titanium frame are securely held in place by the magnets hooked on the hinges.

Also, with the magnets in place, you will no longer have to screw the hinges back again or be dealing with the lose hinges.

These easy on and off magnetic hinged glasses will make it fun and easy to coordinate your looks depending on your outfit, without having to buy a whole new pair of glasses!

(All photos by Akihiro Yoshida)