Stylish Japanese Beer – KAGUA

Good looking date? Check. Good looking self? Check. Reservation at a stylish Japanese restaurant? Check. High-end Japanese beer? Check, and double check!

Good dates at a stylish high-end Japanese restaurants cannot be concluded without KAGUA, Japanese beer specially made to pair well with the Japanese delicacies like sushi, tempura, unagi, sukiyaki, and yakitori.

Inspired by wines that have wide selections to pair with various kinds and types of food, KAGUA was born with the concept to give more variety with beer selection based on the type of Japanese food you are having.

As the name KAGUA, or “Aroma of Japan” suggests, this Belgium brewed Japanese beer is known for its rich aroma hinting traditional Japanese ingredients such as Sansho pepper and Yuzu, or Japanese citrus fruit.

Rouge (above):

Mixed aroma of Sansho pepper and roasted malt with bittersweet hop and malt flavor with refreshing spicy taste afterwards. Full bodied with 9% alcohol, with natural carbonation.

Blanc (above):

Fresh Yuzu aroma with a hint of malt and hop with a creaminess of the wheat. Full bodied with 8% alcohol, with natural carbonation.

Want to learn more about KAGUA? Click below link for its official website for more information.


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