Satisfy your sweet cravings with Chef Reiko Wada's set of decadent chocolates!

She mastered her craft of sweet creations by performing taste tests around the world from Nepal to Costa Rica. Her divine collection of chocolate truffles and treats sound like the perfect sweet experience.

Reiko Wada's collection is the perfect combination of couture and confections. Her "Chocoutures" feature an assortment of golden chocolates adorned with an edible sugar diamond crystal and a palette of colorful artisan truffles.

Her selection of designer chocolates also includes the Rose Gold Diamond (Grand Marnier), 24K Gold Diamond (Scotch), and White Gold Diamond (Champagne). The newest addition to the Chocouture selection, the Yellow Gold Diamond (Koji Sake) collection, is made with an imported sake from Japan. These award-winning chocolates can be bought at prices ranging from $25 USD to $95 USD. These beautifully adorned pieces are the perfect sweet gift!

Her chocolatier also offers custom-made chocolate heels made from the finest white and dark chocolate. Each irresistible heel is created with top quality ingredients that satisfy the most dedicated chocolate lovers.

These edible stilettos are perfect items for clients with very sophisticated taste buds. Starting at $95 USD, customers can order Chocouture heels from Chocolatines. Reiko also offers seasonal autumn versions of her heels that are perfect for fall parties and other occasions.

With her Japanese roots and French culinary background, Reiko Wada blends Asian and European techniques that gives couture a chocolatey twist! Check the link below to learn more about Chocolatine and Reiko's Chocouture Collection!