4 Beautiful WASHI Decoration Tapes to Brighten Up Your Life

How do you think this picture is made?

The washi tape created by Bande is shaped like a petal and you can peel them off one by one to put them in any forms you like. People are into this unique product now.
You’re going to love them!

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is the most popular one among bande’s washi tape. Each of petals has different color and shape making them look more realistic.
All you have to do to make these full-bloom cherry blossoms is simply putting petals together!

Four-leaf clover

This Lucky Four-leaf Clover is also popular one. It includes four-leaf clover, white clovers and red clovers.
Cherry Blossom and Four-leaf Clover are creating a stir and sometimes sold-out.


This washi tape is shaped like a rose。Put them on your notebook, message card, smartphone case or whatever you want! Show your originality in the way you use this washi tape!

Fashionable Cats

The variety of washi tapes is not limited to plants! Who wouldn’t love to use these cute tapes? Make your own outfit for cats by choosing their hats, clothes and shoes!

Get flower washi tapes for ¥432 ($4) and animal washi tapes for ¥864 ($8)