10 Of Your Daily Moods Matched With Japanese Pizzas

1. Content – Mega Veggie Pizza – Domino’s Japan

If you are feeling that all is well with the world and all your agendas are coming to fruition, you don’t need to compensate with greasy delights you are probably in the mood for a mountain of veggies with some pancetta for good measure. Keep it real and dream on!


2. Energetic – Super Delicious Winter Crab Pizza – Pizza-la

When all your energy is flowing through the right channels and you are on top of your game you deserve a reward. That is where the crab comes in: crab chunks and crab sauce on this pizza for champions. Stay hungry, stay foolish!

Japanese Pizzas

3. Aggravated – Sausage Rim Mascarpone Supreme 10 Toppings Pizza – Pizza-la

For the days that seem to never end, when your boss makes you stretch the fabrics of time, the coffee machine breaks and the Internet is down. Yes, this pizza was designed for those days of hell, to take away the edge. Treat yourself to some happiness!

Japanese Pizzas

4. Amused – Charcoal Grilled Chiki-Teri – Domino’s Japan

The world is your oyster and your day is light and enjoyable. You love it all: chicken teriyaki, pizza, mayonnaise, and you want to combine them together in this culinary delight. Just do it, what could possible go wrong. You might get a call from the Italian Pizza Authorities (IPA), but I doubt it!

Japanese Pizzas

5. Gloomy – Cheese’n’Roll Roasted Pork with Demi-glace & Mustard sauce – Domino’s Japan

It is pork time and you know it. The climate at work is overcast with chances of thunder, you just finished the last season of Breaking Bad, nothing left to look forward to except some pork, mustard, cheesy crust and, why not, asparagus. The world makes more sense now. Welcome to the dark side, it’s delicious!

Japanese Pizzas

6. Dreamy – Crab Gratin Pizza – Domino’s Japan

Your head is in the clouds, you will build your company, make a movie about your life and buy an island next to Johnny Depp’s. Or you just dream of some pizza with crab, potatoes and creamy white sauce. Your wish has been granted.

Japanese Pizzas

7. Stressed – Sausage & Thick-Sliced Bacon with Meat Sauce – Pizza-la

You’ve bit on more than you can chew. There is not enough time in the world for you to meet that deadline, organize the office holiday party, choose a gift for your boss, make all your meetings and get your 4 hours of sleep. You need some rocket fuel! Well, you are in luck: sausage, bacon and meat sauce on pizza specifically designed for your needs. Don’t hurt yourself!

Japanese Pizzas

8. Joyful – Cheese’n’Roll Special Seafood (Creamy Bisque sauce) – Domino’s Japan

Life is light and easy because someone has made you feel special. You got promoted or won the lottery, so you are skipping through the air. It is like a pile of seafood on your pizza, cheese in the crust and creamy bisque sauce. You are singing in the rain and spreading the happiness. Enjoy!

Japanese Pizzas

9. Weird – Mochi Mentaiko Pizza – Pizza-la

The office is in perfect harmony – everyone meets their deadlines, emails answer themselves, your boss gifts you a bottle of Japanese Whisky. But you know something is off. You can’t make sense of your day because the Japanese have done it. They have put rice cakes on pizza! You know it’s weird but you take a bite anyway. Weirdly delicious!

Japanese Pizzas

10. Angry – Spicy Pizza-la Bulgogi – Pizza-la

You didn’t get a bonus, your clients are an hour late for lunch and your boss has taken the day off. You need fire to fight your anger and you will find it in this rare spicy specimen from Japan: beef, chili peppers, chili treads and chili oil! And while you are at it add some spicy sauce on top. Put out fire with fire!

Japanese Pizzas